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Welcome to our Family History...

Our family's local history began in 1904, when my grandfather Damiano Genetti left his home in the Tyrolean Alps (present-day Italy), to begin a new life for himself and generations to follow.

Trained as a butcher, he began selling his freshly cured beef door-to-door

daily from his horse-drawn wagon. Eventually, his hard work ethic led to an

eighteen-store supermarket chain owned and operated by his sons (until it

was sold in 1967 to Victory Markets). In addition to sharing his knowledge of

food preparation, he shared with his sons the importance of community

involvement, honesty, and dedication, before he returned to his homeland

shortly after World War I.

In 1950, his son, Gus Sr., and his wife, Della, ventured into the hospitality

field by opening the Gus Genetti Hotel and Restaurant in Hazleton. Once my

parents developed a business renowned for fine food and service, they

expanded the family enterprise further by purchasing the Redington Hotel

in Wilkes-Barre in 1963.

Passing his talent and expertise on to the next generation, my father Gus Sr. sold his interest in the Wilkes-Barre property to me in 1971 and his interest in the Hazleton property to my brother Bill, in 1973. In 1976, both of parents, Gus Sr. and Della passed away.

Expanding further, in 1975 we acquired the Lycoming Hotel in Williamsport and developed Genetti Manor in Dickson City. My brother, Bill, improved and expanded the original property in Hazleton.

As of to-date, the Genetti Hospitality Group is compromised of the Best Western Plus Genetti Hotel and Conference Center (Wilkes-Barre), the Genetti Hotel and Suites (Williamsport), and Genetti Manor, a catering facility in Dickson City. In each of these markets, the Genetti family has maintained a strong presence in the hospitality field, including the largest being in Wilkes-Barre, seating 1,800 people in one ballroom.

Although many things have changed since the years of the horse-drawn meat wagon, the dedication to food quality and the importance of service instituted by Damiano Genetti is still evident and maintained by our family today. The forth generation of Genetti's is already hard at work in the food and hospitality industry.

Damiano Genetti_edited.jpg

Our Mission Statement:

"To be the Leading Provider of Hospitality Services -

Dedicated to Exceeding Guest's Expectations and Values."

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