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The Redington Hotel - Efficiencies

Welcome to the Redington Hotel information page.  

The rooms are furnished and include heat/electric/water, 32" flat-screen TV with basic cable (entertainment package and HBO), and Wi-Fi access. Each room has a mini-fridge and a microwave. Hot plates are NOT allowed, and against the fire code. Crockpots and air-fryers are approved. Air conditioning units are $30.00/month extra and are charged for the months that the unit is in the room We have coin-operated washers and dryers on the second, third, and fourth floors. 


The building is restricted to the tenants and their guests. You will be given a FOB that gives you unlimited access to the building. *You are responsible for letting your guests in or you can put them on the approved list (daily caregivers, family members, and close friends). Free parking is provided as long as the vehicle has a current license and registration. 

All of our rooms are NON-SMOKING, and pets are upon approval of the management. Each tenant is responsible for their own and other tenant's safety by not letting unknown people in the building. We also expect every tenant to respect other tenant's right to peace and quiet.


To be eligible, you must clear a criminal background check; have three references that include one landlord reference, two personal references, and income verification.

To move in you must have one month's rent plus a $ 250.00 security deposit.  The rents start at $ 600.00/month and go up according to the size of the room.  


If you meet the required criteria, please call Pam Palmer at

(570) 820-8512.  You can also email Pam at

Thank you for your interest in staying at The Redington Hotel.


*During any concerns, such as pandemic, we reserve the right to limit or restrict guests who are not a paying tenant on the lease. 

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